You’ve Been Booed!

When you think of October, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Halloween of course! Oftentimes this candy-filled, costume party of a holiday can become very self-focused, as individuals think about what to wear and where to go to get the best/most treats.

But now, YOU’VE BEEN BOOED! This fall we want to challenge you to shift the holiday to serve others in your community. You might have heard of a fun activity that takes place all over neighborhoods and communities in October that is similar to the old game of Ding Dong Ditch. In this Halloween version, though, individuals write a note detailing that the new person has been “booed” and now has to share the love to three new people. Then, with a small bag of treats in hand, the individual delivers the notes and treats to three homes, ringing the door bell and leaving immediately – an anonymous random act of kindness to spread holiday cheer and help bring the community some joy.

This game is a fun way to connect neighborhoods, as people attempt to have everyone booed by the time Halloween rolls around! You can download our Boo note to use here.

Have fun bringing the community together this fall!

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