Hope for All

hope fb2In every phase of life, we hope for something. As a child, we might hope for the latest toys or electronics. In high school and college, we hope for a good future and a successful career. But as we mature, and especially as we become parents, our hopes and dreams become more outward-focused. We hope our kids will be raised well, learning to love and share and live a long, healthy life. We begin to hope the community our children are raised in will be a welcoming and nurturing place for them to grow up. We hope our kids will grow up with a desire to change the world. And it all starts with a small opportunity to make an impact.

National Month of Hope, recognized every April, resonates well with our family, as there have been many circumstances where hope is all we had to rely on, from family health issues to business adventures and more. And when we came together as a family and decided to begin a family foundation, it was our dream to offer hope to local nonprofits to continue their efforts, and thus also offer hope to the families positively impacted by such organizations.

This month, we strive to offer hope to all of Cobb County by continuing to raise awareness of our family foundation, the Good Dog Fund. An opportunity to support the many great nonprofits in our community striving to impact families in need, your support of the Good Dog Fund ensures that those nonprofits with the greatest need receive the support we have to offer.

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