Simple Ways to Save

shutterstock_1178530654It’s that time of the year where the giving spirit is stronger than ever. Giving back can be much easier if you’ve been taking the steps to save properly. When you give back in any way, you’re not only helping your community, but you’re also teaching valuable lessons on helping others.

Giving back does not always mean donating your money to the local Salvation Army. There are several ways to give back to the community. You can donate your time, skills or money, just to name a few. There are plenty of ways to support causes without laying out large amounts of cash. Check out some ways you can save and give back:

Create a Donation Jar

 Create a jar for each family member and the local charity they support. Drop loose change or a designated amount of money each month into the jar. Wait a few months and then donate whatever amount is saved up to your local charity.

Donate Your Time

Donate your time as a volunteer to help an organization in need. Volunteering can be done as an individual or with family and friends. If you volunteer with your family, you gain a chance to bring everyone together. No matter how young or old your family members are, there are programs that allow the whole family to join the fun. Volunteering builds teamwork and allows the family a chance to bond serving the charity of their choice.

Donate Your Skills

 Save money by donating your skill or craft. If you have a special skill such as writing, accounting, technology, photography or public speaking, organizations may need your help. Skill-based volunteering can make a huge difference in helping those who want to feel fulfilled by a new project.

Remember, there are many ways to give back. Some are traditional and others allow you to save money while helping those in need. If you are interested in giving this holiday season, consider donating to the Good Dog Fund, a foundation that works to support organizations in our community that have the greatest need.