The Good Dog Fund is Grateful for CCF’s “Because of You” Event

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 2.36.42 PMRecently, the Good Dog Fund had the honor of sharing our story at Cobb Community Foundation’s “Because of You” event. Cheryl and I were unable to attend the event, so we decided to have a little fun preparing a video for the event, knowing our two sons and Good Dog Founders Cole and Zach Musial would be representing the family fund instead. You can watch our video below.

While we knew the event would be a great way to share the heart and mission behind the Good Dog Fund, we never could have imagined the true impact it would have on our family and on the community. With the boys speaking about what we do through the fund and why, they were able to really show their ownership and roles with the foundation and assist others in the audience in learning how to involve the entire family in charitable work and causes like our own.

Many attendees came up to Cole and Zach after the event and wanted to hear more and learn how they can offer their children essential roles in their own family funds. Even more than this, though, the boys were asked to speak at other events to teach other family funds how to do so, and to speak in front of other organizations to show troubled teens the impact you can make even at a young age.

This is what Good Dog, our family fund, is all about. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our story with Cobb County and support other nonprofits and families in helping to strengthen our community. Watch the video below to learn more about Good Dog and consider supporting our cause here.

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