School is for Suckers…

…and cookie dough, and candles and more! What are we talking about? Fundraising of course!









You might have had success teaching your children to support the community through different volunteer and fundraising opportunities throughout the summer, but it doesn’t have to end with the summer! There are a number of fun and creative ways to raise awareness and fundraise for causes and organizations your students are passionate about.

Easy Fundraising Ideas offers a number of options based on your kids’ ages, but here are just a few of the popular choices:

You can even help your kids learn to invest time into the charity work so they feel more of the impact by crafting pieces to sell, such as bracelets and necklaces, crocheted or knitted accessories, artwork and more.

Whatever you decide, remember to keep your kids motivated by sharing the impact they are making on the community as they strengthen nonprofit organizations around them through their fundraising efforts and enhance the lives of their friends and neighbors.

Contact us for information on ways to support the community through the Good Dog Fund, and connect with us on social media to share the ways your kids are supporting the community!

Enjoy the start of school!