Random Acts for Finding a Thankful Heart

#MM1 FBThanksgiving is quickly approaching, the main holiday where we try as parents to encourage our children to share their appreciation for the many blessings around them. This week, consider two random acts of kindness to help them find a thankful heart.

Turkey Notes

Show kindness to your neighbors this Thanksgiving by drawing out a turkey with big feathers surrounding him. On each feather, have your child(ren) write out a word of encouragement, something they like about that neighbor or something they are thankful for that relates to the neighbor (i.e., helping me with my homework, having us over for cookouts, etc.). When you are all finished, deliver them to your neighbors and share the warmth of the holiday.

Thankful Nature Walk (source: The Pleasantest Thing)

Taking your family out on a nature walk and proclaiming things you see that you are thankful for (i.e., the trees giving off oxygen, the animals, sunsets, etc.) is a great way to teach your kids to stop and smell the roses and be thankful for even the littlest things that often go unnoticed.

What are some other ideas you have in mind to share a thankful heart with your children? Join the conversation on our social media channels!

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