Patience is one of those things…

I think one thing we can all agree on as parents is that patience is an every day battle. It’s one of those things that we always say we want to get better with, but that we also never have time for. The only problem (well, one of many) is that we are constantly influencing our kids by our actions, even when they’re growing up.

Take Raising Help and Good Dog for example. Mopdog was already well established, but our family wanted to do more and make more of an impact for families in need and organizations trying to do good in the community. We had the ideas for the fund and the organization all mapped out in our heads, and the boys were getting just as excited to help out as we were. But still, it took a long time for that initial thought to come to fruition. Patience was hard, but it definitely paid off.

That’s what we always have to remember and go back to as a parent. The reward for patience is far greater than making short cuts or giving up. And isn’t that something we want to teach our kids?The earlier we can instill patience in our children, the easier it will be for them to maintain motivated as they pursue their dreams later on in life.


Helpful tips to teaching (and learning) patience:


The “red light/green light” approach is this:

Listen to your body’s reactions to circumstances and events. If you feel yourself getting worked up, stop (red light), proceed with caution as you take time to think about how you should respond (yellow light) and take action when you’re head is clear (green light).

When we take the time to practice patience in ourselves, we are better able to teach it to our kids and have them want to take part in it as well. There will be may times in their lives that they will need patience (as we ourselves have all learned) such as hearing back from colleges, looking for their first job and first career, figuring out what they are passionate about and pursing their dreams. These all can be easily hindered if our kids don’t know how to step back, relax and look for the bigger picture in their lives.

Let’s make a promise today to keep looking to the future, but living in the moment and finding peace where we are as parents, to help better our kids.


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