Outdoor Fundraising

The summer is in full swing, and your kids are probably starting to get bored doing the same thing every day. Either that…or you’re just ready for them to start getting outside more and being active. This summer, why don’t you encourage your kids to fundraise for a great cause while helping out the neighborhood or your community?



There are a number of ways to be active outside while fundraising! Have your teens ask neighbors and/or family friends if they can:

What are some other ideas you can come up with for your teens?

The most important factor of anything else in getting your kids to help out is to get them to find out what motivates them, and what causes they want to support. Let them choose what they are fundraising for, but feel free to give them options!

If you’re wanting to help out many local nonprofits in the Cobb County area, consider supporting the Good Dog Fund! We strive to improve the lives of children and help families in need in the community by supporting nonprofits that benefit these causes.

Learn more about the Good Dog Fund >

Teaching our kids to participate in Random Acts of Kindness is a great way to spend the summer…Don’t you think?

We’d love to stay in touch with you, and hear your stories of how your kids are making an impact in the community this summer! Engage with us on our social media channels, or contact us here!