My sons, what will I do with them?

I can tell my sons to make their beds, pick up their clothes and for God’s sake put the dishes IN the dishwasher everyday, and not once does it sink in. Sometimes it’s like talking to the furniture.

But then there are times like last night.

It was amazing. I am extremely proud of my sons as they learn what it means to become men. What respect, integrity and a giving heart feels like.

On Thursday, October 8th we launched a new company call Raising Help.  We asked our boys to say a few words to the group on what giving means to them and talk a little about the Good Dog Foundation. Zach started and spoke from his heart. Everyone started to cry, of course. No one likes to follow that.

Cole was next. Hee was a little more organized and wrote down what he was going to say. It was heart felt and humbling. In fact, it was so good I wanted to share.

Below is Cole’s speech:

Ever since I can remember, my family told me about sharing and all the good that comes out from sharing. And me being a young child, didn’t understand why I would want to give up my own stuff. Years passed and around Christmas time we would meet up with a family and help them buy groceries and toys for the kids around my age. Time passed and we continued to help out more families with anything and everything they needed from a new tire on their car so the parents can go to work to a family’s first dinner table so they could eat meals together, as a family. 

As I grew up, I started to understand what we were doing, sharing with families that needed help whether it was through a program or a person on the street.  With all these years passing by, I now fully understand what it means to share and help out others around us. We as humans cannot expect what we give to be returned, let alone a thank you. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.

I started volunteering my time in a group called Chick-fil-a Leader Academy. Through this I have been blessed with working with a small elementary school the past 3 years. Here, 86.7 percent of kids are on a free lunch program and ranked 61st out of 63 elementary schools in cobb county. They need and ask for all the help they can get.

Most little kids we know want the new xbox or pair of nike shoes because they look cool or some other irrelevant item that will have a replacement within a few months. As far as it seems, Christmas is coming up, so we went and asked what the kids want for Christmas this year. Some obviously answered with the new xbox, but most answered with “I would love if I had just one jacket so I wouldn’t be cold waiting at the bus stop” or “A new shirt that I can fit into.”

So at my high school we came together and gave over 500 jackets and clothing items to the elementary school. I dropped all of it off on the past Wednesday.

There is a certain feeling you get inside when you know you’re helping out someone around you, little or big. With Raising Help and the Good Dog Foundation, I know that certain feeling, will never go away.