Mentoring night – an inspirational event for Cobb Youth Leadership and Leadership Cobb

As the co-chair for Cobb Youth Leadership I get to participate in a lot of fascinating and inspiring events, and this week’s event was no different.  Wednesday (3/26) the Cobb Youth Leadership class joined the Leadership Cobb class for Mentoring Night; a night filled with good food, great company, thought-provoking discussions and inspirational messages.

After completing an ethical dilemma exercise, the group had the opportunity to hear from two inspiring young women in our community: entrepreneur and creative confectioner, Mamie Jo and the ever so strong and motivational, Aimee Copeland. Whether it’s starting your own business right out of school, or keeping a positive outlook after a horrific accident, Mamie and Aimee showed the youth, and the adults, that nothing is impossible, it just takes a lot of hard work, motivation and the right attitude.

As a current member of the Leadership Cobb class, Brooke Murphy also participated in the evening’s events. “One of the most interesting aspects of the night was the ethical dilemma exercise,” Brooke said after the event. “It was encouraging to see that when the youth and adults were presented with the same ethical dilemma and were told to discuss, the youth and the adults both arrived at the same conclusion. These kids are very mature and have bright futures ahead of them.”

Cobb Youth Leadership (CYL) is a leadership program for rising high school juniors that focuses on developing leadership skills through interactive participation.

Participants of Leadership Cobb enhance personal and professional growth while gaining awareness of current issues, community resources and the social, political and economic needs of the community.