Good Works with the Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation

Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA) is a rare blood disorder where individuals become severely anemic due to their bone marrow’s inability to produce red blood cells. The Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation is working to find a cause and a cure for DBA by funding clinical studies, laboratory research, publications and education. 

Bill and Cheryl have actively volunteered time to the Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA) Foundation for more than 16 years. What started out as assisting with fundraising needs, has turned into a continued commitment from Good Dog. Good Dog volunteers time, talent, resources and energy to the foundation by assisting with marketing and branding needs.


Over the years, Good Dog has provided the DBA Foundation with trade show banners, brochures, a redesigned website and other collateral matching their corporate identity, which was also refreshed by the Good Dog team. Most recently Good Dog helped the DBA Foundation on planning and creating collateral for the 13th Annual DBA International Consensus Conference (ICC).

In order for the DBA Foundation to work towards gaining a better understanding of the molecular basis underlying DBA and to begin to translate these discoveries into better treatments for children with DBA, the DBA Foundation needs your support. The DBA Foundation offers a wide variety of ongoing fundraising activities that you can participate in.