Giving Back for the Good of Your Children

Benefiting the community in various ways supports more than just local businesses – it supports your family. When you give back in any way, your kids are watching you, whether they act like it or not. Instilling these ideals of helping your community and doing charity work into your children at a young age will allow them to grow up with a “Good Works” mindset, a tagline our family at Good Dog likes to use to remind us to constantly work to improve the lives of those in need.

There are several ways you can give back to the community, but here are just a few:

shutterstock_392546008Create a Donation Jar

Whether you come up with one design and one charity you want to support, or make jars for each member of the family that supports individual charities chosen, dropping your loose change into jars that at the end of the year gets donated to a local charity is an easy way to teach your kids charity.


Chores for Charity

Teach your kids to have a heart for charity by asking them to do chores where the money awarded goes to a charity of their choice. This way, they learn to help around the house while also being selfless and giving back to the community. It’s a win-win!


Volunteer as a Family

And, of course, there’s nothing like taking a day every so often to volunteer alongside your kids for parks or organizations your family loves. This will build teamwork and good attitudes as well in your children as they mimic how you volunteer. See other benefits to volunteering in our last blog.

If you are interested in giving to a charity, consider donating to the Good Dog Fund, a foundation that allows our family’s business, Mopdog Creative + Strategy, to help other people and organizations with marketing and creative design. Learn more >

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