From a Dad’s perspective on his Sons

I want my sons to grow up and be better than me. I want them to accomplish more, leave a mark that other will look to achieve. I want them to be respected, men of integrity. They don’t need to be famous or make a lot of money.

Just be more.

I think sometimes we push our kids to better. Maybe more successful, make more money, be something they are not comfortable with, but we push. I see myself pushing my sons to be leaders. Make better choices and grow up. But I wonder if they are ready or if this is their path. Am I making them into someone I want them to be or who they are meant to be. Where’s the line drawn? How far do you push to help them gain momentum on their journey before you become the driving force?

I try to take an outsiders view of my boys. As much as that is possible. I listen to what others say about them when they don’t know I am the Father. What I see and hear makes me proud. Proud of who they are becoming, who I think they can be.

So are they set?

Are they off and running on a direction that leads them down the “right” path. When do I stop, do I stop? I always promised myself that I would not be a helicopter parent, I would allow them to fail while being there to help them back up. I would support them when they need help, as long as they were willing to put in the effort needed to succeed. I will help them through tough times. Be the hand that reaches down to pull them up. I’ll dust them off and let them go again. Hoping every minute they learned from their mistakes and have grown from the experience.

But where’s the line? Is there one?

How far do you go, how much do you push, clear their path. Make the road smooth in front of them? I feel that you do learn from your mistakes. I have made plenty, I am sure I will make plenty more. Is there a limit? I always reflect back on what my parents have told me.

“Respect yourself and others. When you have the make tough choices make the best you can. With opportunity come responsibility”

All I want is for them to be better than me. So I need to be the example for them to follow. Be the best I can be. Be there for them when they need me, not when I think they need me. Lift them up whenever I can and not tear them down. Encourage them to push themselves and be the loudest person on the sidelines cheering them on while they are doing it.

I love my boys, I am very proud of them. I think they will be men of integrity, respected, humble, strong, giving, caring and better than me.

Let’s see what the future brings…