Do-Gooders in the Community!



We love reading about do-gooders in the media and watching them excel in the community; that’s why we want to take a moment to give Jordan Spieth a shout-out! We know what you’re thinking…and you’re only half right!

Yes, we absolutely want to congratulate 23-year-old Jordan Spieth on winning the 2017 Open Championship in England last weekend. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Have you seen what else this PGA TOUR Pro has been up to?

Spieth has been donating his time and resources while raising awareness for three philanthropic areas through the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation: special needs youth, junior golf and military support. The Foundation’s heart and purpose arose from the birth of Ellie Spieth, Jordan’s younger sister, who was born with a neurological disorder. It was volunteering at Ellie’s school during his high school years that he learned the impact volunteering has in a community.

Read about the good works that the Foundation has been up to >

We are proud of the great influence Jordan is on the community, never letting fame and accomplishment take away his compassion desire to help others.

Way to go, Jordan!