Cobb Youth Leadership Poverty Simulation Volunteering

MAD_CYL Poverty Simulation 2013The latest US Census Bureau American Community Survey shows that 26.3% of Georgia’s children live in poverty. (U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey Profile. Data released Sept. 2012.)

Some of us may not know what it’s like to live in poverty, but during CYL’s Community Service Night, the volunteers and members of Cobb Youth Leadership (CYL) partake in a simulation that offers a glimpse into living day-to-day as a low-income family.

For the past two years (2012 & 2013) Bill Musial, CYL co-chair, has participated in the Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS), created by the Missouri Association for Community Action.

This year, members from the Mopdog pack volunteered to play different roles at the simulation. Some were pawnshop employees, social workers and employers, but all participants saw firsthand the difficulties families faced when paying bills, receiving government assistance or keeping a job when they didn’t have normal transportation and/or the correct paperwork.


The simulation was a great way to see the reality of living low-income and the pack is looking forward to the opportunity to participate in 2014!