Circling Back Around

At Good Dog, we believe giving back to the community is a great way to support our mission and lift others up. Every year, we take funds raised from Raising Help through our work with nonprofit organizations and donations, and we cycle it back into the community where we see need.

This year, we had help from trustees and founding members of Good Dog, Zach and Cole Musial to choose which people and companies we would support. They did their research and chose some amazing organizations. Pictured below, Cole hand delivered Good Dog’s grant to Habitat for Humanity Bulloch County’s Executive Director, Linda Christy.

Cole Habitat4Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Bulloch County was chosen for its Christian ministry focus of providing housing for families living in the Statesboro community.

Good Dog Foundation was also able to help:

About Good Dog

Good Dog Foundation is a 501(c)3 under the Cobb Community Foundation. Our mission is to improve the lives of children, support families in need and give opportunities to those who may not be able to otherwise afford them. Good Dog is supported by the Musial Family and Raising Help, a strategic communications and donor engagement agency for nonprofit organizations.


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