Are you participating in JOIN HANDS DAY?

Tomorrow is JOIN HANDS DAY, a national volunteer day that brings together youth and adults in a year-round process of building relationships and planning and implementing projects that benefit the community. JOIN HANDS DAYJOIN HANDS DAY was created in 2000 and is the only national volunteer day that specifically targets the development of relationships between youth and adults through volunteering.

Looking for some project ideas for JOIN HANDS DAY? The American Fraternal Alliance has provided the top 5 projects from the last several years.

Top 5 Ideas:

1. Repair bicycles to give to disadvantaged children and teach them bicycle maintenance.
2. Collect chairs of various shapes and sizes, artistically paint them and auction for a worthy cause.
3. Collect children’s books to give to disadvantaged children. Consider sorting into themes, decorating theme book areas, dressing in appropriate costumes and developing suitable games.
4. Repair gravestones and improve landscaping in a cemetery. Document historic grave sites.
5. Connect with a builders’ association to help refurbish a group home.

For additional ideas, check out the top 50 project ideas here.