Cobb Community Foundation






The Work

Every year, the Cobb Community Impact Grant is awarded to several nonprofit organizations in Cobb County. The grant is a partnership between Cobb County and the Cobb Community Foundation. For the 2017 Partners in Philanthropy Luncheon, where the grants are awarded, Cobb Community Foundation wanted to show the guests how the grant, in combination with the organizations’ efforts, made an impact in our community in 2016. Good Dog by Mopdog¬†was able to interview the organizations that were awarded grants in 2016 and produce two videos for the Cobb Community Foundation: one that showcased every one of the 31 recipients, and another that highlighted the impact stories of three organizations.


About the Cobb Community Foundation

Working to strengthen the Cobb County community, the Cobb Community Foundation is a charitable organization created by and for Cobb County residents. They work to make philanthropic interests a reality, connecting the right foundations to the needs of Cobb County.